I start thinking about our economy, and how it sucks a big hairy cock right now. That being said, I’m glad I’ve never seen a hairy cock. Anyways… I had a few ideas on how to possibly help us out, as if any of these ideas will actually be used, cause I’m not the President or anything, I’m just a little white girl from Northern NY.

1. STOP the importing of clothing. Only 5% of clothing in ‘Merica is ‘Merican. There’s plenty of artsy people around that make clothing and stuff, check out etsy.com for wide varieties of examples.

1b. START opening ‘Merican run factories with ‘Merican employees to produce clothing like jeans and tshirts, which every ‘Merican I’ve ever come across wears. All the time. I know I do. Cause for real.. how fucking hard is it to make a shirt or a pair of jeans? I had to make shorts in 7th fucking grade, and I still have the fuckers! They still haven’t fallen apart. All my cloth was “Merican made too, so eat that.

2. THE OBVIOUS: Legalize and Regulate Medical Marijuana. Then eventually just take “Medical” out of that statement, and just legalize it all. The tax revenue from MEDICAL marijuana, alone, in 2 years, the US would be debt free.

2b. MY OPINION is that it should be regulated in the form of how much one can grow/have on them. DO NOT regulate the THC content to make it all the same. This is why I love pot. There’s TONS of strains, they all taste different, they all get me high. Some highs are different than the others, but even still.. basically the same effect. I just don’t wanna be buying shit weed. Ever.

3. Once all of #2 has been obtained, tie it into #1.

3b. START making hemp textiles and using hemp to produce paper again. Once again, if it’s all US made, it’s all US profit, and there’s more jobs for the bitching unemployed people to obtain.

And maybe, just maybe, after all this simmers… we could start EXPORTING these products to other countries.

So bascially, in my world, I created jobs for construction workers to build the factories, farmers for cotton, tons of everyday people that need jobs, pot harvesters, plant cleaners, stalk strippers, leaf cutters, etc. Tons of everyday people need jobs, and with 3 easy steps, I created a mass amount.


Fuck I’m high.