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It happens with an all-too-familiar regularity: Another “scientific” study that attempts to draw some connection, however tenuous, between smoking pot and schizophrenia. Just this week, the findings of a study allegedly indicating that smoking marijuana can “double the risk” of psychosis received heavy publicity. Of course there were the inevitable …

via Recycling Reefer Madness: Why It Still Doesn’t Work.

I realize that I own…
3 – bongs
6 – pipes
1 – chillum
1 – steamroller
1 – bubbler
all in glass.


Photoshop happens.

Then gets deleted.

Oh, I can has 8 Olympic gold medals?


Don’t get me wrong here folks. I enjoy my job, and all the people I work with.. just.. some of the people I have to cash out.. aren’t so smart.. and after hearing the same crap over and over, it kinda gets on your nerves. So I decided to throw together this list of pet peeves, a few folks I work with also contributed.. mainly, I thank the Not-so Bright customers for this. 🙂

Getting yelled at in French for not speaking French.
-Um, I’m sorry. The last time I checked I lived in the US, and being bilingual was NOT a requirement of my job. Learn English if you plan on visiting the states.

When everyone in a group tries to order all at once.
-There IS a process to your order folks. If I’m working on one person’s meal, it does NOT mean that even though you have a voice and you are proclaiming what you desire, I can punch it in at the same time that I am taking somebody else’s order. Do you not remember manners? Wait your fucking turn.

When someone asks “What’s on the buffet?” right after I explained to the customers before them what was on the buffet.
-Maybe, just MAYBE you should have been paying attention when someone asked the SAME QUESTION YOU WERE GOING TO. All I want to do when this situation happens, is just answer, “There’s food on the buffet. All you can eat.”

The people at the end of a long line waiting to order that don’t get that you have to order and pay first.

People who swear the cashier over charged them, storm up to the register, interrupts the cashier and the customers they are waiting on, and demand an immediate explanation as to why the buffet is $9.59.
-Because that’s the fucking price. Pay attention asshole. The prices are posted on the board for a reason. No, I will not give you senior discount you cheap 40yr old shitstain, wait 15 years like all the other old people did. AND FURTHER MORE, don’t get pissed at me because YOU didn’t pay attention.

Parents that KNOW they’re going to let their kids play the crane machine, or the bubble machine and ask you for quarters. One dollar at a time. For 17 dollars worth.
-You’d think that because you come EVERY Tuesday for kids day, that by now you would realize that you should, oh shit, I dunno, bring a fucking roll of quarters with you, or ask for more than a dollars worth at once.

The people that don’t say a word to you. For example:
Cashier: “Hi, welcome to Ponderosa, how can I help you today?”
Guests: *stare at cashier*
Cashier: *blinks*

-I CAN’T FUCKING READ YOUR MIND PEOPLE! Next idiot that does this maneuver is gonna get a T-Bone, with the buffet, mushrooms and onions, and his beverage in a large cup – and pay for it – and fucking like it.

When the cashier is done completing the order and tells the guests, “Thank you for stopping in today” and they reply, “You too.”
-Nooo… you? are thanking me? for stopping in? TO MY JOB! I work there asshat, obviously Ponderosa is thankful that I am there.. THEY’RE PAYING ME, but you’re welcome, I guess… weirdo.

The people that claim that they had “just made” the money they handed you.
-No, you didn’t idiot. Neither did the 55 other people that told me the same goddamned thing already today. I got it, you stopped at the bank. Thanks for filling me in with your useless fucking information.

The customers that walk off without their receipts.
-Now, I can understand that if you’ve never been to Pondo, you don’t quite get it.. but I’m talking the people I have seen in the store SEVERAL times before… ok douche, keep walking, find a seat.. when the server asks you for your slip(s), YOU’RE gonna be the one looking like a tool.

-This one is basically self explanatory, but seriously, the little bastards that are tugging at mommy and daddy for fucking quarters while I’m trying to take their order really get on my nerves. Shut your fucking kid up, you’re a shitty parent.

The people that give bland or no answers. For example:
Cashier: “And what would you like to drink today?”
Guest: “Soda”
Cashier” “Which kind? Our drink list is right here.” *shows*
Guest: “I said soda is fine.”

-I’d love to have a shotgun in hand when the people like that come in.. or the idiots that don’t get that you’re asking them if you want margarine and sour cream on your baked potato and just reply, “baked potato.” FUCK dude, I already got past that point, we are moving on now. Keep your head out of the past!

AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF I HEAR ONE MORE CUSTOMER SAY THEY DON’T WANT A POTATO WITH THEIR MEAL CAUSE WE CHARGE FOR IT…. ugh… I’ll politely tell them we don’t and continue on with my job.
Pondo folks, you get this, all of this, and I’m just glad I’m not the only one biting my tongue, smiling, and still providing excellent customer service to these idiots. ❤

In the episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force with the leprechauns/rainbow machine, the park where Meatwad sits reminds me of the park used in Family Guy when they fake Quagmire’s death…

Quagmires death

I have to take a pizza delivery to the American Legion.. I don’t know where it is… I stop and ask the kind folks at Sunoco… next to the American Legion…

I watch the “falling snow” on the wordpress  homepage for a good five minutes hoping it would collect at the bottom of the page. It doesn’t. And for the record, I hate actual snow.

I have 16 invites to hand out. Anyone want one?


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